Behringer X32 Essentials - Training for Church Sound

Behringer X32 Essentials

Online Course - Church Sound

Learn X32 essentials...quickly.

In this online video course, you will learn everything you need to know to effectively use the Behringer X32 at your church.

This course covers all the essentials, but if you also want to dig into the X32's advanced features, check out the Behringer X32 Mastery course.


Each lesson is video-based with loads of examples using the Behringer X32.

Bonus Resources

Download cheat sheets, EQ guides and sample settings to help apply what you learn.

Online Support

If you still have questions after completing the course, ask and we will answer.

The X32 Crash Course has been a staple for us in our training. When we bring on new sound volunteers, we can be rest assured that everybody is on the same page from day 1. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Kade and his crew do an excellent job creating a precise, detailed overview of the features of this board. It has made training new people at our church a breeze.
-John-Marc Edwards, Worship Leader

The X32 Crash Course definitely gets you up and running. I found it extremely helpful, especially as one who just converted from analog to a digital board. Great Stuff! Excited to go through the X32 Advanced Course as well.
-Brad Alexander

Every item was very instructional. It has helped me understand where I am going when setting the board, plus being aware of things that need fixing. Thanks for showing me around the X32 with a lot more confidence.
-Ron Fitz

Course Curriculum

Signal Processing
Gain, Phantom Power & Polarity
EQ & Low Cut Filter
EQ Cheat Sheets
Gate & Ducker
Gate Sample Settings
Compression & Expander
Compression Sample Settings
Bus Sends & Groups
Bus Sends for Monitor Mixes
Using Effects (Reverb & Delay)
DCA, Bus, & Mute Groups
Other Essentials
Labeling Channels (Scribble Strip)
Linking Stereo Channels
Library Presets and Scenes
USB Recorder
Talkback Mic
X32 Support
Ask a Question
Request a Video

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Kade Young
Kade Young

Everything I know about church sound has been discovered over 10+ years as a worship leader not willing to give in to mediocre sound. I have designed and installed several church sound systems from scratch...on a low budget. As you can imagine, I found many things that do not work. But, that led me to the things that do work...really well.

I invite you to latch on to my experience through these video courses. I know they will save you loads of time and frustration.