EQ Crash Course for Church Sound

EQ Crash Course

for Church Sound

Overwhelmed with EQ?

We get it. EQ can be especially challenging as a volunteer church sound tech. A few hours a week behind the mixer is simply not enough time to master EQ.

This course takes away the overwhelm by revealing the most important EQ techniques in a way you can easily understand.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Now is the time to relieve that uneasy feeling you get when it comes to EQ. This course will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and confident as you are adjusting those EQ filters.


Each lesson is video-based with loads of examples.

Bonus Resources

Download guides and cheat sheets to apply what you learn.

Online Support

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Thank you so much for all you do; this ministry is amazing. I purchased the EQ course and it changed the way we do sound completely. Everything is much better and I'm training my ear so much better now.
-Channing Allen

I have been in the AV industry for over 5 years and had a good understanding of what was needed. But had no idea how to fine tune the individual channels or EQ the room effectively. Practical application is what your course has given me! Thank you so much.
-Robert Greer

Both guys explained every topic they covered with easy to understand examples and helped me to get a good foundation in EQing.
-Cory Jones

Course Curriculum

Intro to EQ
EQ Overview
Graphic EQ
Parametric EQ
The Most Important EQ Techniques
The EQ Golden Rule
When to Use EQ
Frequency Sweeping
Training Your Ear
Understanding the Frequency Spectrum
Where Instruments/Vocals Fit in the Mix
How to Listen for and Fix Specific Problems
Real Life EQ Examples
Vocal EQ
Drum EQ
EQ for Keys, Synthesizers and Pianos
Guitar EQ
Stop Feedback with EQ
How to EQ Your Room
Bonus Resources
EQ Frequency Chart
Frequency Characteristics Cheat Sheet
Drum EQ Cheat Sheet
Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet
Guitar & Keys EQ Cheat Sheet
Gain Guide
Drum Tuning & Mic Placement Guides
EQ Support
Ask a Question
Request a Video

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Kade Young Kade Young &  James Wasem
Kade Young & James Wasem
Course Instructors

Kade Young is the founder of Collaborate Worship, where he helps worship leaders and church sound techs become confident and comfortable in their calling. Over the past 10+ years as a worship leader not willing to give in to mediocre sound, Kade has found many things that do not work, which led him to the things that do work really well. Latch on to his experience through this course.

James Wasem is the author of Great Church Sound: A Guide for the Volunteer, which is a 5-star rated book on Amazon. James has been designing, installing, and operating sound systems for 20+ years and has a passion for helping church sound team volunteers deliver great sound.